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If you work for a media outlet, podcast incubator, or a non-profit and need an honest assessment of what works, and what doesn’t,  for your forthcoming or existing broadcast or podcast, I can help.
If you need an outside analysis of current practices you're deploying and new ways to better serve your audience through live events and engagement on social media while meeting internal goals, I can help.
Reach out and we can determine how I can best lend an experienced ear and apply rigorous analysis to your ongoing or upcoming show, project, or event series.

Media Coaching

If you’re an author or other subject matter expert who needs to build or brush up your media skills, I can help.
If you're readying for your very first live interview, preparing for a book tour, or need guidance to add oomph to your social media presence, I can help.
Reach out for more information and pricing on media training packages tailored to fit your needs, whether they be small or large.

Moderating & Writing

If you need a moderator or interviewer who can produce and execute a public radio quality conversation for your event, I can help.
If you have a research project or freelance writing assignment you need tackled, I can help.

Reach out to let me know what your needs are and we'll figure out if I'm the right woman for the job.
Need something else, but you’re not sure if I can help? Ask! I’ll tell you if I can’t and may know who can.

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Photo by Chris Chester

Photo by Chris Chester